Gigs in Edinburgh

Cobbled streets, men in kilts and a castle are nothing compared to the brilliant array of gigs in Edinburgh that are always on offer in this stunning Scottish city. For the good people of Edinburgh gigs are simply part of the rich tapestry of life. The Hogmanay Street Party celebrations, where Scots show everyone else how it's done, always make for a very merry musical transition from one year to the next. A wee dram of whisky soon has music fans dancing in the streets.

But whatever the time of year, being a music fan involves seeing your heroes in the flesh, so to speak. You've bought the CD, downloaded the tracks and watched the DVD, but nothing compares to the experience of live Edinburgh gigs. Life doesn't get much better, music lovers, than attending a string of excellent concerts, comparing notes with your mates about the performances of your favourite bands and discussing whether or not their single sounds better live on the CD. Keep your ears peeled for forthcoming, exciting line-ups.

Even moody, introverted types, dressed in black from their spiked dyed hair to their shiny Doc Martens will quit shuffling around in the dark corner of their bedroom to venture out to see live music. Chart-topping pop acts will no doubt hear their fans belting out the words to the hits that have seeped into the nation's collective musical consciousness. No act wants to miss out on playing gigs in Edinburgh, the nation's capital city.

But fasten your seatbelts music fans; gigs in Edinburgh are about to shift up a guitar gear from pop to rock. There are plenty of Scottish guitar bands out there who always go down well, but especially when on good Scottish home turf. Always book early to avoid disappointment.

Every now and again a band you had almost forgotten about graces the city with a tour, delighting gig-goers with hit singles from past eras and sometimes introducing us to new material. Look out for details of the Edinburgh gig venue hosting these rarely seen, magical acts.

When the stage bursts into a frenzy of light and the band strike the first chord, normally shy, retiring types have been known to tear off their jerseys and jump onto the shoulders of friends, screaming for the entire world to hear at their best ever Edinburgh gig. But watching live music doesn't have to be an ear-splitting experience. The beautiful dulcet tones of soulful singers and acoustic acts are often to be found, soothing the ears of fans with the songs they know and love.

Yes, the gigs in Edinburgh are coming thick and fast with every Edinburgh gig venue getting involved. From those intimate spaces offering fans the up close and personal experience, to those massive, mental arena events. A small gig in Edinburgh, staged in a wee cosy venue can send the happy fan floating away on sweet musical memories, while big stadium shows will have them head banging all the way home. Concerts can be life-changing events.

But remember gig goers; you must act quickly to avoid disappointment. You don't want to be hearing about your musical heroes from someone else. Check your usual outlets for availability and snap up those tickets - before it is too late.

Whatever type of live music fan you are, the range of gigs in Edinburgh that are just a call or a click away will not dissatisfy you. Prepare for some sumptuous sounds as the city hosts some of the best bands around. The success of every gig in Edinburgh is down to you – the loyal, lovely music fans.